Autumn 2012 Week 10: 19-23 November

The interns take you through their week, day by day…

Monday 19 November am (Lola)
In this morning’s session with Sarah, the group spent some time talking about what we felt were the highlights of the programme; these included meeting each other; having the opportunity to pitch a presentation at Morgan Stanley; and our overall time at Edelman.

Sarah asked us what elements of the programme we might like to change, and we came to the conclusion that our only alteration would be to vary the subjects that we write our opinion pieces on. Discussing everything we have done over the last ten weeks helped us all to see just how much we have learned and accomplished, all due to the great structure of the programme.

Another topic on the agenda for the morning session was the group’s last presentation that we are due to give on Thursday at Edelman. We did a practice run for Sarah, and she offered us some feedback so we were able to make some amendments.

Monday 19 November pm (Chandni)
This afternoon, I came back from lunch, with a JOB! I originally thought I was going for an admin role for the communications team at the Post Office, but when the interview began, I realised it was for a communications assistant! Luckily, because I’d been trained so well on what to say and how to answer questions, I didn’t have a huge problem giving examples and finding things to talk about!

We spent the rest of the afternoon finishing off last minute work, writing thank you letters, and cleaning out our computers… it’s the final week!

Tuesday 20 November am (Catherine)
We had a fantastic final session with Unlimited Media’s Chris Cooke today. It’s so sad to think that we are so close to finishing our training here. Our time with Chris – our media guru!- has become such an essential and enjoyable element of our learning process and we have all benefited so much.

In this last session we covered marketing, advertising and public relations, looking at what defines and separates them, but also how they interconnect. It was very interesting to learn about trends and developments within each channel and ways in which they are beginning to converge.

Chris later opened up the floor for any questions/thoughts we had from what we have learnt over the past ten weeks.

Tuesday 20 November pm (Nadia)
The girls and I decided that since it was the last week of the programme that we were going to treat ourselves and go to Nando’s. We had a lovely meal and then quickly rushed back to the office.

Our session with Chris continued after the lunch break. We went through the differences between advertising, marketing and PR, and developed these topics, learning more about them.

We wrapped up our session with giving Chris a little present, for all his hard work and for being such a great teacher over the course of the internship! I think it’s more than safe to say that we will miss our sessions with him.

Wednesday 21 November am (Bolu)
Registering with Unicorn Jobs was useful in more ways than I thought it would be. Though it was good to know that there’s somewhere that can help us when we’re little bit further on in our careers, it was also extremely helpful as Tanya had loads of suggestions for the CV I had thought I perfected! I almost wished that I had met her before I sent out job applications!

As she is the sort of person that may be looking at my CV at this stage, or in the near future, I took all her suggestions on board and edited my CV immediately. She was very constructive, and I really appreciated the time she took to help me with it. Though a few of her suggestions did conflict with that of some of the other TB advisers, I think when it comes to CVs a little bit of everyone’s advice is really helpful and all of their input was completely valid. I am really thankful for the time I spent with her, and am now resending my CVs to everywhere I have applied to!

Thursday 22 November am (Charlet)
At 8.30am on Thursday morning we all met at Chancery Lane underground station and together walked along Fetter Lane to the Hume Brophy offices. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Ellie and Anna and shown to a meeting room, where we would meet with members of staff throughout the morning; Ellie, Adam, Jamie, Andrew, Anna, Simeron and Steve.

Each provided us with a wealth of knowledge, advice and guidance, and all members of the team were so passionate that it was contagious; we left the Hume Brophy offices loving the firm.

Thursday 22 November pm (Elmira)
Today was the the day of our finale presentation, which was to be held at Edelman, for the 30 people who have helped us through the past ten weeks. It was a stressful day working up to it, and a few mini dramas occurred as we were getting ready, but the presentation went off without a hitch. It was so wonderful to realise how far we had all come, and just how relaxed we all were during the presentation really emphasised how much confidence we have gained during the course of our internship.

Friday 23 November (Jasmin)
After a late evening of wine and nibbles at Edelman on Thursday night, we returned home for a few hours sleep and were back in the Edelman offices bright and early today!

In addition to the excellent communications training it has given us over the last ten weeks, the TBF programme has also really supported our personal development. Sitting in the foyer of Edelman on Friday morning, mulling over the last few weeks, we realised that we leave as eight talented girls that have grown in confidence and have developed a much deeper knowledge of public relations.

Chandni and I were given some press officer duties in the JCPR team today, and it was great to get a better understanding of the clients they are currently working with. We also went for lunch with our Edelman advisors (Georgie Brown and Neil Cassley) and this was a really lovely way to end our time at the company.

The last ten weeks have certainly been challenging, yet despite the fact that it’s been very hard work, we are are all reluctant to leave the programme, and especially one another. It has been fun and exciting, although equally exhausting… yet somehow we can still muster the energy for a final night out!