Autumn 2012 Week 4: 8-12 October

The interns take you through their week, day by day…

Monday 8 October am (Jasmin)
On Monday I felt well rested after the weekend and I was looking forward to the week ahead, with a few more office hours to spend on our assignments! The morning began at our desks in Shoreditch; we made a start on our newspaper monitoring before Sarah came in later for our workshop on cover letter writing.

Given that I’ve written cover letters in the past, and will no doubt be writing more in the future, I was very interested to get advice on what should be included included. Sarah’s session was very informative and we covered job application etiquette; where to find jobs; what types of jobs to apply for; how to use recruitment agencies; structuring a cover letter, and what PR entry level employers are looking for including knowledge and skills.

Monday 8 October pm (Nadia)
Following Sarah Stimson’s session on cover letters in the morning, this afternoon, I set about writing one from scratch, and it was great to start with a blank sheet and use all the valuable advice Sarah had given us: I felt a lot more confident about writing one after the session, and I was pleased with what I had written.

I then started to compile a list of jobs and companies I would like to work for and apply to. As I started to make the list, I got very excited about the companies I would love to work for, and the possibilities that are out there.

Tuesday 9 October (Lola)
Today Chris Cooke completed the second half of his session on the national press, this time with particular reference to tabloids, as we focused on broadsheet newspapers last week. The members of the group that took on the task of monitoring various tabloids – The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Daily Mirror – presented their findings on each paper’s founders, circulation figures, political standing, online presence and general history.

We spent the afternoon learning about the general structure of national newspapers, although Chris was clear on the fact that there are some exceptions. We broke down the content, listing each section of the newspapers in the order that they usually appear, from UK News to Sport. This will assist us in easily accessing the information we need when completing our weekly media monitoring task.

Wednesday 10 October am (Elmira)
Today we spent most of the day in the Unicorn Jobs office, which may sound relaxing, but I assure you there was lots of work to get through! Everyone started their morning with their media monitoring task (I have got the Daily Mirror this week), then moved on to sending emails and completing weekly feedback forms, before getting to work on our weekly task from Edelman, which this week is to write a press release.

In the afternoon we went over to the Taylor Bennett office where we had a lovely talk with Lisa Quinn (a director at Taylor Bennett) about the ins and outs of consumer PR. She told us about her time working as director of communications at the National Lottery Promotions Unit, then gave us a brief and forty minutes research time; we then had 5 minutes to present all our ideas.

As scary as the brief sounded, it was one of my favourite tasks yet, as we really had to use our initiative and be very creative, but on the other hand stick rigidly to the brief. It proved to be quite a challenge, but one that I got a lot out of.

Wednesday 10 October pm (Bolu)
This afternoon we worked on our appraisals for each other, it’s an an extremely difficult task, especially as now, after four weeks, we’re all friends as well as colleagues. The task proved to be a genuine challenge, as we had to really scrutinise each other and think of one another’s perceived weaknesses.

On a more positive note, it was also interesting and to see the way we have already made improvements over the last month; confidence, presentation skills and writing skills are definitely among the things that a majority of people have already honed and developed. It is inspiring to think that we have another six weeks to improve further: by the end of this internship we should essentially be polished professionals!

The appraisals also encouraged us to reflect on the bond that has already been created between us all: it seems unbelievable that we’ve only known each other properly for about a month!

Thursday 11 October (Catherine)
We spent Thursday morning perfecting the press releases we had been asked to write ahead of our Friday session at Edelman. We then spent time catching up on our other weekly tasks in anticipation of our big day at the agency on Friday.

Friday 12 October AM (Chandni)
This morning at Edelman we had a presentation from, JCPR’s Georgie Brown, on Global PR.

It was a very insightful look at how Global PR works and the different cultures one may have to work with; the way we work in the UK would be different to the way a PR company would work on the other side of the world, and if you are both working with the same client, it could get confusing!

I think I would enjoy working on global accounts, so for me this was a really interesting presentation. Our task for next week is to work in pairs to develop a presentation on how we would go about doing things if we were facing culture issues.

The rest of the morning we spent working on press clippings for a JCPR client.

Friday 12 October pm (Charlet)
After lunch on Friday, we met with Lucy Bridgewater to discuss the press releases that were given as homework last week.

We were given 15 minutes to critique each other’s press releases, and decide what we thought was good and bad about them. When we re-grouped, we examined the press releases’ strengths and weaknesses, and discussed how they could have been improved. Lucy pointed out mistakes that were common among the team, and how we could avoid the same mistakes in the future – she was lovely, and extremely helpful.

At 3.00pm we returned to our teams. I stayed after 5.00pm to help the tech team with client projects that mainly consisted of research, and putting information into readable documents.