Autumn 2012 Week 7: 29 Oct-2 Nov

The interns take you through their week, day by day…

Monday 29 October am (Bolu)
On Monday morning, Sarah spoke to us about office etiquette, and how different offices have different cultures and ways of working.

At Edelman, where we are on Fridays, the environment is – though extremely fast paced – relaxed and casual; the teams interact with one another whilst working, and though they work very hard there is less of a corporate feel. Whereas in our Shoreditch office, it is significantly quieter – which can be a challenge as none of us are quiet people! It was helpful to discuss how to adjust to different work environments.

After that, it was my turn to have a one-to-one with Sarah about jobs and my time on the programme so far; it was an encouraging session, and it was reassuring to realise that I am on the right track with the job hunt!

Monday 29 October pm (Elmira)
During the afternoon we visited Unity PR, an agency which specialises in consumer PR.

On arrival, we met Kej and Andrew, who talked to us about what they do, and discussed some of the campaigns that they have been involved with while working at the company. They also told us a bit about their previous job roles, and how they ended up in PR, which was very interesting.

We were then given a task to complete in teams of two. We had to come up with a new Ben and Jerry’s campaign in which a pound would be donated to a charity of our choice. We came up with “ a pound of fresh” where we would incorporate fresh fruit into our tubs to help local farmers.

It gave us a new insight into consumer PR as they incorporate CSR into their work and work closely with charities.

Tuesday 30 October (Nadia)
This morning I finished my daily tasks and prepared for Chris’s usual Tuesday session.

This week we had to prepare a press release for the Taylor Bennett Foundation. Our brief was to publicise that the foundation is now accepting applications, but we had to think of ways to make it extra newsworthy and come up with angles to sell to journalists and publications. The task allowed for us to be creative and was a lot of fun.

The session with Chris was great – really engaging – and generated much food for thought. It was especially interesting to brainstorm on what sort of media would be interested in the story. The session was focused less on written media and more on broadcast media, a topic I previously didn’t have much knowledge about; I left Chris’s session feeling very informed, however!

Following on from last week’s cinematic session, we also had to write our film reviews for ‘Thank you for smoking’.

Wednesday 31 October (Jasmin)
Today was spent at the Shoreditch offices, where we took the opportunity to make a start on our Friday assignments for Edelman.

This week we have been given another written challenge following our public affairs training with account manager Christine Quigley. The task is to write a one-page briefing on the energy bill.

Throughout the day we also continued with our job applications, and began brainstorming sessions for our first group presentation, in which we are to analyse Morgan Stanley’s use of social media.

Thursday 1 November am (Charlet)
According to rumour, today was to be our last free session for the rest of the programme, which has three weeks left to run. This seems scary as our workload gets heavier and our diary gets more intense!

We are currently planning for a project that has to be presented at Morgan Stanley next week. Yesterday we structured the presentation and did research, and today we worked on perfecting our content and practising how it will be performed.

Thursday 1 November pm (Lola)
This afternoon we did yet more preparation for our upcoming presentation at Morgan Stanley, holding a meeting discuss the structure before dividing up each topic equally among the group; we then went away to do specific research on each social media platform that Morgan Stanley have a profile on. We assessed the negative and positive aspects of each social media page, taking the company’s competition into consideration when detailing areas for improvement. Breaking off into pairs, the group constructed four slides for each topic before sending them to Nadia to collate.

Although it was a full on afternoon, as a group we definitely managed our time well as we were able to produce a script for the presentation, rehearse it and make any changes necessary.

Friday 2 November am (Chandni)
This morning at Edelman we were given a presentation by Helen Frostick, who focused on new business. Her talk enlightened us as to the different steps we would have to take into achieving new businesses and clients, and offered advice on the best ways to pitch. We also learned that no question is a bad question!

Next we were given a task for next week. We have to create a pitch, and research the different steps we would have to take to make it effective and make it stand out. It was really good to learn what Edelman does when they pitch, and what they do to set themselves apart.

Friday 2 November pm (Catherine)
On Friday afternoon we worked within our teams at Edelman. As always there was a buzz in the air and the office was full of activity. I worked primarily on my social media belt; it’s a fun distance-learning course that trains you on PR, social media strategies and the Edelman approach.

It is great having the opportunity to invest in ourselves, knowing that we are learning via an award winning, and cutting edge training programme, and thus giving ourselves a competitive edge.