Autumn 2012 Week 8: 5-9 November

The interns take you through their week, day by day…

Monday 5 November am (Catherine)
Today we received our appraisals, which consist of written feedback on our performance on the internship thus far. Each appraisal document includes a self-appraisal, and feedback from each of the other trainees, our Edelman advisor, our Taylor Bennett advisor, the TBF course manager and the course director.

It was really insightful and useful to get these back and the whole team were happy with the result: the appraisals reflected what a hard-working, strong and talented cohort we are. After this session, we were brimming with our sense of camaraderie, and felt even more inspired, motivated and ready to conquer the communications industry.

Monday 5 November pm (Bolu)
This afternoon, we mainly concentrated on our social media presentations for Morgan Stanley.

This presentation is the first where all of us are working on a brief together, so it’s definitely a different experience! We all get along fantastically, but we know that working together in a group can sometimes be difficult. We all have the same drive for perfection, however, so this probably helps things go smoothly. In any case, after figuring out how we were going to approach it, we were very efficient. We already began work on this last week, so spent a lot of the day rehearsing, editing and honing.

We also have another presentation to work on – which really upped the pressure! – so we split up into our respective groups to work on those later in the day. Having to balance the two tasks has really emphasised the importance of time management! By the end of this internship presenting to a CEO (if we ever have the privilege of doing so) will be a breeze!

Tuesday 6 November (Elmira)
Today we arrived in Shoreditch ready for a Chris Cooke special, and spent the first few hours of the morning catching up on our opinion pieces, blogs, media monitoring and did some more work on our presentation for Morgan Stanley.

Chris unfortunately had computer difficulties in the morning and so our lesson started slightly later then was planned. We got straight into it, however, once we were able to, and Chris gave us a wonderful session on magazines and social media, in which we learned loads that will help us in our presentations.

Wednesday 7 November am (Charlet)
Today we visited Morgan Stanley, an investment bank located at Canary Wharf, and before we had even entered the building we were blown away by the location and the early morning buzz.

We arrived at around 9.15am and were greeted by James Miller, who took us up to a meeting room where we firstly met with Hugh Fraser, the communications director. Hugh spoke to us about communications in relation to finance, which was, needless to say, extremely interesting to hear from someone of his standing.

This was followed by a tour around the prestigious building. James Miller took us to the trading floor, which was much calmer than we anticipated, then to the on-site television studio. Catherine and Nadia got the opportunity to be advisers making public statements that we got to watch on screen. Our tour concluded on the top floor of Morgan Stanley, which is a little different to the rest of the building; here is a dry cleaner’s, travel agents and Starbucks – and the view was breath taking.

We then returned to the meeting room to speak with Noelle Tarpey who explained how internal communications work within the firm. Lisa McBreen followed with some amazing advice and information on her marketing role. Our last meeting of the day was with Tom Walton, who briefly explained his role before taking questions.

Finally, it was 12 noon ,and time to present our analysis of Morgan Stanley’s use of social media to the communications team. We hadn’t had a huge amount of time to prepare this presentation, but we had worked very hard in the time we did have, and so, although we were nervous, we did well. The visit finished with a networking lunch in the boardroom we presented in, and we got to speak with members of the communications team, which was amazing.

Overall, the visit was great. We all fell in love with Morgan Stanley’s culture, and were intrigued by financial PR.

Wednesday 7 November pm (Nadia)
We arrived at the Taylor Bennett offices in a great state of excitement after our stimulating morning at Morgan Stanley.

Our extremely insightful afternoon session was with Arabella on Corporate Social Responsibility, and everyone learned a great deal from it. Arabella was extremely inspiring and her passion for the subject definitely rubbed off on us. CSR is something that I have always been curious about, but had not known much about, so it was great to learn more about it, and the session has definitely made me want to know more. It’s something that is so current and so important and its extremely interesting to observe how companies are responding to this pressure.

Thursday 8 November (Jasmin)
This morning found us all at the Shoreditch office, where we continued working on our group presentations for Edelman on Friday.

Our brief is to pitch for new business, and our focus this morning was on finalising the details of our proposed campaign events, and working out which type of journalists we would target to achieve success.

My team finished putting together our presentation slides and did a practise run through with the script we had devised. From carrying our our previous group presentations at both Edelman and Morgan Stanley on Wednesday, we have truly learned that practise makes perfect.

Friday 9 November am (Lola)
In this morning’s session at Edelman, Vicky Gomes gave a great presentation on crisis management. talking to us about her job role, and how the company advises their clients about how to effectively prepare for a crisis, and anticipate problems at an early stage.

Ms Gomes also highlighted how important it is for organisations to build stakeholder relationships before a crisis occurs rather than attempting to do so after, as this may work in their favour when support is desperately needed.

It was particularly interesting to hear Vicky talk to us about Starbucks and the difficulties that can come into play when dealing with clients from other countries, as some do not wholly understand the UK market.

Friday 9 November pm – (Chandni)
At Edelman this afternoon we had our first try at doing a pitch; we were given the brief of a re-launch of a hospital in Manchester and split into two teams to try and come up with a campaign to raise awareness. This was a lot of fun, as we worked in groups to brainstorm lots of different ideas on what we would do get gain local and national media coverage.

It was a really good exercise; I think working in a group was a lot easier and all of our research and campaign proposals were what we had worked on together, and so we knew the plans and strategies inside out and in the end we didn’t need to rely heavily on notes! Everyone was a lot more confident and it really showed; both teams did really well, and made sure the key messages were delivered for the client. A great afternoon.