Become A Mentee

The Taylor Bennett Foundation exists to encourage BAME graduates to pursue a career in communications. The TBF Mentoring Programme provides six months of mentoring for BAME final year students and graduates pursuing a career in PR. This page has more information about the programme and how to apply.

Eligible students and graduates can apply for a place on the mentoring programme at any time. You should read the information about the programme below and then CLICK HERE to download an applications form.

The Taylor Bennett Foundation offers BAME graduates and final year students interested in a career in PR and communications the opportunity to receive mentoring from an existing practitioner in the industry, to help them identify career objectives, prepare for the job market and begin the job application process.


• There is no financial cost to you.

• If selected, we will partner you with a suitable mentor -someone who currently works in the PR and communications industry.

• You will complete three short online surveys during the six months to measure your progress.

• During the six months we expect you to meet with your mentor a minimum of three times, have a monthly phone call and to stay in touch with them on email and/or messenger.

• Your mentor will help you to explore the PR and communications industry, assist you with writing a suitable CV and help with job applications. They will also introduce you to their network in the industry and give you guidance on how to be successful in communications.


• You must be a BAME graduate or final year university student.

• You may have studied at any university.

• You may have studied any subject at degree level.

• You must have an interest in working in the PR and communications industry in the UK.

• You must be able to commit to six months of being mentored in the UK.

You can apply to be a mentoring scheme participant by completing THIS APPLICATION FORM and emailing it along with your CV to

If we think you have potential to work in the communications industry you will be selected to take part. Not all applicants will be selected, but all applicants will receive a reply.