Supporter Testimonials


Heather McGregor
Chair of Taylor Bennett and Founder of the Taylor Bennett Foundation
“The Taylor Bennett Foundation has worked for six years with the support of leading partners in the communications industry to broaden the talent base. The programme has had a significant and measurable impact, opening doors for over 100 graduates and giving companies real opportunities to increase diversity in their workforce. We will continue to work hard with our supporters towards our goal of changing the face of PR”
Taylor Bennett remains committed to the Foundation it founded in 2008 supporting both the year round operations of the charity and each individual programme.

Simon Sporborg
UK Managing Partner, Brunswick
“Brunswick supports the Foundation for three reasons: it’s a very effective way of encouraging a more diverse group of talented young graduates into the communications world; it benefits Brunswick; and you should practise what you preach. Brunswick has been supporting the courses since 2008. About fifteen Brunswick people have been involved in training and managing each course, which provides opportunities for younger members of the firm to develop their mentoring and management skills”
Brunswick Group has been a key supporter of the Foundation since our launch in 2008 and continues to sponsor our summer programme each year.

James Murgatroyd
Partner, Finsbury
“The work of the Taylor Bennett Foundation is incredibly important in promoting excellence and opportunity in our industry. Finsbury is delighted to be supporting this training programme, which prepares talented young people to succeed in PR”
Finsbury has been a key supporter of the Foundation since 2013 and continues to sponsor our autumn programme each year.

Jane Fordham
Executive Director Marketing & Talent, Golin
“Having followed the considerable progress of the Taylor Bennett Foundation from afar in recent years, it is wonderful to now be developing plans to partner with them in 2015. Both the course content and the calibre of their graduates are exceptional. We are absolutely committed to addressing the persistent lack of diversity in our industry, starting with our agency and cannot wait to get started rolling out programmes in 2015 with our illustrious new partner”
Golin hosted the Foundation free of charge for the duration of the autumn 2015 programme and also provides mentoring for our alumni.

John Lehal
CEO, Four Communications
“I’ve been working in the political, media and communications industry for nearly 20 years. While I am proud of the work we do, I am bitterly disappointed at the lack of diversity in the profession. We are indebted to Heather McGregor for her vision and her generosity, and to the team at the Taylor Bennett Foundation for the role they are playing in giving young BAME professionals a foot on the ladder”
Four Public Affairs is a long time supporter of the Foundation sponsoring our fifth anniversary event and case study brochure, and hosting visits for each set of trainees.

Jane Boardman
CEO, Talk PR
“I was shocked to learn from a 2009 study by the CIPR that only 4% of PR practitioners came from a minority ethnic background. Since then, we’ve been extremely proud to support the Taylor Bennett Foundation. The depth and breadth of its training and mentoring programme has made a real difference to cultural diversity in PR and proved life changing for all involved”
Talk PR has been a supporter of the Foundation since 2011. It sponsored our spring 2011, winter 2012 and winter 2013 programmes, and continues to host visits.

Mike Morgan
Chief Executive, The Red Consultancy
“We’re always keen to support initiatives aimed at increasing diversity in PR so we were delighted to get involved in the Taylor Bennett Foundation in 2014. Sponsoring six trainees not only provided valuable experience for some budding PR talent but also gave our people mentoring and coaching opportunities”
Red Consultancy has been a supporter of the Foundation since 2014. It sponsored our winter 2014 programme and continues to host visits.

Francis Ingham
Director General, PRCA
“The PRCA is proud to have supported the Taylor Bennett Foundation over recent years, and to be able to continue doing so in the future. Its goals are very much in line with ours – to open up the PR industry to those who might not otherwise have been able to gain entry. And the Foundation’s record is remarkably impressive, launching the careers of talented people from diverse backgrounds”
The Public Relations Consultants Association is a long time supporter and has also made the Foundation its charity of the year for 2017/18. 

Liz Thompson
Director of Communications, Royal Shakespeare Company
“We have loved hosting the Taylor Bennett Foundation trainees at our theatres at Stratford-upon-Avon. They have always been smart, enthusiastic and eager to find out about arts PR. We have enjoyed talking with them very much and have learnt a great deal from them too. It has been a really good experience for us and their thoughts and ideas are already finding their way into our own equalities and diversity planning”
The Royal Shakespeare Company have hosted visits for our trainees at its Stratford-upon-Avon base.

Sukhjit Grewal
Director of Professional Development & Membership at CIPR
“Encouraging increased diversity among practitioners is one of the main issues facing the industry and the Institute places great emphasis on supporting efforts to improve this. We are delighted to continue to contribute to the work of the Foundation, which has achieved significant success in addressing this issue”
Chartered Institute Of Public Relations is a long time supporter of the Foundation, hosting the assessment day for each programme.