New faces at Four

The Taylor Bennett Foundation is a charity that exists to encourage black, Asian and minority ethnic graduates to pursue a career in communications. It does this through its award-winning PR training programme and internship and mentoring programmes.

Integrated agency Four has supported Taylor Bennett for a number of years and this year has also signed up to the six month summer internship programme. Samia Ali and Olivia Riggon joined Four this month and will be working across the agency’s lifestyle teams.

Four’s internal newsletter FourUs interviewed Samia and Olivia and asked them to describe themselves using Four’s EPIC (expertise, partnership, intelligence, community) brand values:

Expertise – name one piece of expertise someone has given you that has stayed with you?
Olivia: My mum always reminds me that there’s always positives to every situation, ‘your glass is half full not half empty’.

Samia: Just try, the worst response is a no.

Partnership – tell us about a partnership which has made you a better person?
Olivia: My siblings have both inspired me to be a better person. As I’m the youngest I was lucky to learn a lot through them. One of these things is being able to have a super eclectic music taste and my playlist goes from Drake to The Courteeners!

Samia: My relationship with my parents. Watching them work hard and make sacrifices has inspired me to be the best that I can be.

Intelligence – what was your favourite subject at school and do you still use it?
Olivia: My favourite subject at school was always English literature, I love writing and breaking down meanings. I still definitely use this in all aspects of my life.

Samia: PE… and yes, I go to the gym now! 

Community – what have you done to make a positive impact on a community?
Olivia: During university I helped to raise money for small charities in south Wales that focused their efforts towards the safety of women and refugees which was really fulfilling.

Samia: I teach disabled children how to swim at my local leisure centre.

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