Rehnuma, an alumnus, has kindly written a blog post sharing tips on how she successfully applied for the Taylor Bennett Foundation's PR & Communications training programme. Continue reading to find out what you can implement when submitting an application to increase your chances of securing a place.

Step 1: Send an application

  • Explore TBF's social media accounts and website to learn more about why you're interested in the programme (Q1).

  • Conduct research on the sponsoring agency to understand their work and the skills you can offer to benefit them (Q2).

  • Contact an alumnus working in the industry to learn about their experiences and insight, which can pique your interest further  ( Q3 - it also shows you can network!)

  • Don't be put off by the word 'dream' assuming your client needs to be popular etc. (Q4)

  • Any news outlet like the Financial Times is a good website to read about business stories (Q5). 

Step 2: Initial Interview Preparation 

  • Study your application thoroughly to further explain your interest and reasoning

  • Prepare good research points about your sponsoring agency to mention if asked during the interview

  • Be prepared to share how you stay up to date with the news

  • Have a good understanding of TBF and what the programme entails (what will you may enjoy the most and the least) 

Step 3: Pre-assessment briefing session

  • Be prepared with a list of questions to ask the alumni/host to gain the most out of the session

  • Take lots of notes of the tips and advice mentioned during the session

Step 4: Assessment Day at your Sponsoring Agency

  • Exhibit excellent teamwork skills by engaging and contributing ideas (group task)

  • If you are expected to deliver a presentation, use your university's careers service or friends/family to practice in front of and implement feedback

  • Prepare for the interview by understanding the work of your sponsoring agency and be prepared to discuss your skills, experiences, achievements and weaknesses.

This piece was written by Rehnuma Rahman - Junior Communications Analyst, Bank of America. The blog can also be found here