Masterclass: What is B2B Tech and Why Should I Care?

29th June, 3.30pm - 4.15pm

Content summary:

  • What is B2B technology
  • But isn’t that really boring?
  • How does B2B PR differ from consumer tech PR?
  • Who are the audiences B2B technology brands want to reach?
  • What is the media pool and who do they care about?
  • How does it work:
    • Case studies on LinkedIn, Hootsuite and Workday

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of the B2B tech landscape
  • Understanding of how B2B PR functions


Jasmin Athwal, SVP, MikeWorldWide

Jasmin is a Technology communications specialist with a focus on campaigns that engage B2B buyers as real people rather than corporate stereotypes. This means understanding what makes these audiences tick and developing creative campaigns that cut through. Jasmin is also passionate about removing PR from its ‘box in the corner’ and creating integrated programs encompassing content marketing, demand generation and traditional communications.

With over 15+ years’ global PR experience, Jasmin has worked in sectors including B2B and consumer technology, financial services, manufacturing and retail. Jasmin heads up our UK Diversity and Inclusion programme and our talent acquisition and retention strategy.  Jasmin acts as director in charge of enterprise, fintech and martech accounts.

To find out about MikeWorldWide, visit


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What is B2B Tech

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