Summer Stars Internship Programme 2021 - Employer Application

Thank you for your interest in the Taylor Bennett Foundation Summer Stars Internship programme.

By completing this form you are confirming your interest in taking part in Summer Stars and offering a paid internship.

Key points:
- The application deadline for Summer Stars is Friday 7th May 2021.
- To take part in Summer Stars, we charge an an administration fee, which is £500.00 or £650.00 for each intern successfully matched.
- Invoices will be sent to employers only once a successful match has been agreed.
- Invoices are payable within 30 days.

All interns will take part in a compulsory three day bootcamp (Monday 28th June - Wednesday 30th June 2021), which is delivered by the Taylor Bennett Foundation and our PR network. The bootcamp provides the interns with an invaluable insight into the PR & Communications industry, which enables them to start their internship on a stronger footing.
- The intern(s) ideally start their internship week beginning 5th July (or shortly after)
- The intern(s) are paid directly by their employer and we advocate that they are paid the London Living Wage (as a minimum) for the duration of their internship and for attending the three day bootcamp (£50.00 per day).

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Employers have two options to recruit an intern as part of the Summer Stars programme. They can:
- Let TBF’s experienced team match an intern directly to their organisation
- Receive a shortlist of 3 candidates to interview

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The Summer Stars programme involves the intern(s) attending a three day bootcamp delivered by the Taylor Bennett Foundation and leading PR practitioners in the industry. This is an important part of the programme, as it enables all of the interns to gain a deeper insight into the industry and start their internships with confidence. This years bootcamp will run from Monday 28th June - Wednesday 30th June, with the internships starting shortly after.

Employers are asked to offer a minimum 4 week paid internship and we advocate the London Living Wage. Employers are also asked to pay for their intern(s) to attend the three day bootcamp.


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