[22nd March 2023] - The Taylor Bennett Foundation (TBF), the charity that supports ethnically diverse young people to pursue a career in communications, today announces the findings of its landmark research report.

In a pro-bono partnership with world leading market researcher company IPSOS Mori, the research shows that a significant number of ethnic and minority professionals working in the communications industry are regularly made to feel uncomfortable at work due to their backgrounds. 

The findings of this independently conducted research of showed a large percentage of those from ethnically diverse backgrounds working within communications feel excluded and discriminated against:

  • Working environment: 80% of graduates from an ethnically diverse background said they had been made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace at some point during their careers. 75% of respondents experienced demeaning language or hurtful comments due to their ethnic background. Additionally, over half (54%) of respondents said their company provided no provisions for cultural or religious needs, such as accommodating religious holidays or prayer rooms.
  • Career progression: 71% of respondents felt their ability to progress within their organisation had been limited by issues relating ethnic background and gender.
  • Discrimination: 65% of respondents said they experienced slights or snubs at work due to their ethnic background.
  • Staff retention: Over half (54%) of respondents did not feel comfortable or trust the HR processes to raise their concerns. 50% of respondents have considered leaving their jobs as a result of prejudice.

Following these research findings, TBF is currently undertaking a full review, publishing recommendations for the PR industry to adopt aimed at improving diversity in the industry and improving the wellbeing, prospects and job satisfaction of people from minority groups.

Commenting on the report, Sarah Pinch Chart. PR, FCIPR, MIoD, Chair of the Taylor Bennett Foundation, said:

The findings of this report are deeply troubling. No one should be made to feel awkward and uncomfortable at work, and especially not due to their ethnicity or religious beliefs.  There is a huge amount of work still to be done and we call on everyone in the PR and communications industry to take these findings seriously. TBF has been supporting organisations and individuals for 15 years and our mission is to create a diverse and inclusive communications industry. TBF offers practical support to help organisations wishing to evaluate how they can attract and better serve employees.”

Studies have shown that when organisation’s embrace diversity it leads to a 20% increase in innovation and a 35% increase in performance compared to their competitors.1 In addition to the commercial benefits of creating a more inclusive work environment, there is also a moral imperative to provide a safe and welcoming workplace for every professional, regardless of their background. I am proud to have worked in this industry for more than 20 years, but I am embarrassed by this research. It is deeply troubling that the lived experience of our colleagues is so very poor. We must do a lot more to improve, attract and retain diverse talent. “.1

Notes to editor:

About the Taylor Bennett Foundation

The Taylor Bennett Foundation was established in 2008 by communications executive search firm Taylor Bennett, in partnership with the University of East London and founding agency Brunswick. The Foundation seeks to encourage Black, Asian and minority ethnic graduates to pursue a career in communications. With the support of leading agencies throughout the sector, TBF runs internship and mentoring programmes to address the need for greater diversity in the communications industry.

About the survey

This survey was conducted online by Ipsos between 12th March – 11th April 2022. The survey was shared among the Taylor Bennett Foundation UK network alongside an invitation explaining the purposes of the research. 218 responses received, 161 were ethnic minority respondents, 57 respondents identified as non-ethnic minority (White).


1 https://diversity-inclusion-speakers.com/news/tips-and-tricks/benefits-diversity-inclusion-workplace-statistics/

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