PR Intern | Hello Launch 

Job Reference: SS2022HLJC1

  • Start date: July 2022
  • Salary: London living wage
  • Type of intern: Graduates
  • Duration of internship: 6-8 weeks  
  • Number of opportunities available: 1
  • Internship format: Hybrid
  • Office location: Central London 

This organisation is a leading independent creative PR agency. When we launched, we were the UK’s first ever project PR agency-a completely new concept in the industry at the time. And whilst our model has evolved (and many of our clients are now retained), we’ve relentlessly maintained this innovative and entrepreneurial streak throughout the last 21years.This heritage has made us super creative, results focused-and utterly accountable

Today, we’re famous for creating ownable ‘creative territory’ for clients, that unifies comms, ignites the agenda and delivers commercially. We call this process Territory Define, owned and honed over 21years and smartly executed across thousands of brands and campaigns. We help clients and staff ‘Own It’, which is why you’ll see these two simple words sit alongside our logo at times. We also hold the world record for the longest brainstorm (48 hours!).Oubrilliant list of clients includes Hyundai, eBay, Electrolux, BP, Metro Bank, Plum Play and many more.

Our services include creative, media relations, content creation, social media, community management, issues and crisis work and experientialWe also have our own content division that shoot breathtaking video content, so we really are fully integrated.

What will the role involve:
We have 6 areas that we focus on to help us accomplish our mission and during your time, some of the work you will be involved in includes: 

Ideas and creativity 

  • Identifies new journalists and influencers for additional client exposure
  • Develops solid writing skills e.g. client updates, case studies, blogposts, social posts
  • Ability to assess relevance of influencers
  • Plays a supporting role in experiential activity, providing admin for events etc

Client and results

  • Undertakes administrative tasks in support of clients and agency projects including reporting, stock inventory, cuttings etc.
  • Develops and maintains accurate media and blogger lists and coverage trackers
  • Common sense approach to tasks with ability to plan ahead and organise their time
  • Submits accurate timesheets weekly and is able to prioritise daily tasks effectively updating the team as appropriate
  • Starting to develop a relationship with the client

Media, social and experiential activity

  • Attends agency brainstorms and startto contribute regularly
  • Demonstrates ability to use media and industry knowledge to contribute to weekly account meetings
  • Demonstrates ability to address day to day challenges creatively
  • Starting to understand how ideas translate across the different channels, social, digital, experiential and PR
Key skills required:
No specific PR experience required but the main attributes we look for are passion and enthusiasm for communications, curiousity and real desire to learn, strong organisation skills and good writing ability. We are more interested in attitude than experience. We want people who are interested in communications, brands, social media, consumer insights and trends and all over the news and cultural agenda!
The most important skills are also:
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writinprofessionally anwith a high level of attention
  • Strong writing skills
  • Analytical skill
  • An interest in brands and brand reputation
  • solid understanding of social media platforms
  • Good organisational skillsbeing able to keep themselves on track to deliver tasks in a timely manner

How to apply 

Please apply with a CV and cover letter (no longer than 250 words) explaining your interest in the position, any relevant experience or transferable skills you may have that makes you suitable for the role. Please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

Please add your full name and the job reference in the subject line. Applications submitted without a full name and job reference will not be considered. 

Job Reference Number: SS2022HLJC1

Roles will remain open until Friday, July 8th 2022 so please be sure to apply as early as possible as strong candidates will be selected and interviewed on a rolling basis. Once the position has been filled, the role will be closed. 

For candidates shortlisted for an interview and moved on to the next stage of the recruitment process, if available, further information will be provided about the internship opportunity and the name of the employer will be revealed so further research and preparation can be done.