"I started at the University of East Anglia, in 2016, with the intention to become a primary school teacher, so decided to take their BA Education course. Alongside my studies I took up photography and blogging.

Over the years of my course I became to realise, I can be more than a teacher. My interest in a career in PR and Marketing came from the realisation that I can combine the skills that I use in photography and blogging. My passion for fashion, portrait and event photography coupled with my interpersonal and writing skills, are skills that are widely used in these sectors. I concluded from this that I would be well suited to a career in PR as well as find it enjoyable.

Having built up a CV that reflected an individual that I no longer was, I needed some guidance in making my CV reflect who I wanted to become. I heard about the Taylor Bennett Foundation through a friend. I applied for the mentoring programme and was given the perfect match for a mentor! Our first few encounters have been informative and motivational, and I can wait for our future meetings. My mentor has cemented my beliefs about being suitable for the PR sector and is guiding me along the right path to achieving this".