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Our TBF Alumni which began in 2008 is over 15 years strong and made up of over 900 alumni, mentees and interns. This space is dedicated to showcasing success within our community, the latest networking opportunities and ways to get involved with the Foundation.

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“We believe in paying it forward for the next generation and over the years, our alumni community continue to build a philanthropic culture that strengthens the reality of being underrepresented within 
the Public Relations and Communications profession.

Navigating the workplace as a diverse professional from interactions we’ve had with alumni, candidates and incoming participants, we know the contributing factors that exist in the workplace. Whether it be barriers or access into the industry, lack of accountability, or recruitment biases, our alumni touch-points keep us accountable for ensuring our mission focuses on seeing diverse talent thrive in public relations and communications.

As diverse professionals in the industry knowledge, truth networks and accountable ally-ship are what will continue to see the rise of diverse professionals excelling at every level within the workplace. 
Below are several resources, network recommendations and upcoming events taking place across 
the profession and DEIB space for you to get involved, stay connected with what is taking place across the industry and we as opportunities to pay it forward to the next generation.”

Natasha Ferguson

Chief Operating Officer

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