Our Programmes

We run six professional development programmes tailored to meet the needs of our candidates, our employers and the evolving profession.

Whether you’re a candidate who would like to learn more about the industry of PR & Public Affairs, or you’re looking to secure your first job or you’re in need of expert advice to support your progression into middle management or leadership roles, we have a programme for you. Get the knowledge, practical skill set and network you need to grow your career.

For organisations, increasing ethnic representation delivers tangible success and improves profitability as outlined in the McKinsey Diversity Wins report where they found that companies in the top quartile outperformed those in the fourth by 36 per cent in terms of profitability
in 2019, slightly up from 33 per cent in 2017 and 35 per cent in 2014. The above illustrates why our work at the Foundation matters and the importance of showcasing the variety of opportunities a career in public relations 
and communications offers.

Our programmes have been designed to go on a journey with future and existing professionals providing them with the necessary insight, connections and opportunities required to design their success in the industry.

Communications need to be more representative of the society we live in and the clients we serve, and our mission is to transform this industry for the better!

See our professional development programmes below:

A six-eight week, full-time, paid training course for graduates who want to springboard their career into the PR & Public Affairs industry. Backed by our trailblazers HSBC, FGS Global, FTI Consulting and Brunswick Group.

Gain career development support, guidance and insight into the PR industry through our six-month programme. This programme is open to those who are over 18 and aspire to enter or already work in the comms industry.

A paid summer internship programme (from 4 weeks up to 12 months) with PR & Public Affairs agencies and in-house communications teams for school leavers (18+), undergraduates and graduates. We provide you with the foundational skills to thrive in your internship, as the programme also includes an intensive 
three-day Bootcamp.

This ten-month programme provides non-diverse executive leaders the opportunity to be mentored and learn about ethnic minority lived experiences, challenges and solutions for the future of the workplace with an ethnically diverse mid-to-senior mentor.

A virtual, week-long education programme introducing undergraduates and graduates to the world of PR & Communications. Learn about what a career in PR can look like for you whilst building your personal and professional development skills.