CIPR and Taylor Bennett Foundation Reverse Mentoring Scheme

In 2021, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and Taylor Bennett Foundation launched the PR industry’s first BME Reverse Mentoring Scheme. The scheme was designed to increase awareness of diversity challenges, the need for inclusive cultures and drive lasting change in the PR industry. 

The pilot programme matched senior leaders with Black, Asian and ethnic minority PR and Communications professionals to share insights into what it is like to be a minority in the industry, to understand the challenges that are presented, to showcase the importance of allyship and inclusive cultures, and to encourage new ways of thinking in how their organisations approach all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Previous participants of the programme said:

The programme offered the chance to explore nuances of ethnic minority backgrounds that I hadn’t previously considered. It also offered a safe space to ask questions and explore aspects of inclusion that informed my approach within the CIPR and my agency.

The most satisfying thing about the programme was learning, listening and building a candid relationship with someone who was patient and kind. We established a bubble of care and I never felt that any question was out of bounds.”

“Seeing actionable change was the most satisfying part of the programme and seeing my mentee make intentional decisions to shape how his business focuses on diversity and inclusion.”

Applications will open in 2024. To register your interest for the programme, please click HERE

We ask that applicants meet the following criteria.


  • In a senior leadership role, with the ability to enact change and build an inclusive culture within your business
  • Can demonstrate existing action to D&I initiatives and programmes
  • Willing to have open, non-judgmental conversations
  • Mentees should be from a non-minority background


  • Five + years’ experience working in PR/Communications
  • Committed to investing time and effort to D&I initiatives and programmes
  • Willing to have open, non-judgmental conversations
  • Mentors should be from a Black, Asian and minority ethnic background

Applications for our 2024 programme will open soon. If you are interested in participating in the 2024 programme, please register your interest here.

Case studies from some of the participants of the 2021/2022 Diversity Reverse Mentoring Programme can be found on our blogs page here.