Senior diversity talent advisor, international communications specialist, and Foundation alumni, Natasha Ferguson, officially steps into the new role with new growth strategy

This year is one of change and transformation with the Board of Trustees setting a new growth strategy as the Foundation celebrates 15 years in service. As Chief Operating Officer, Natasha will focus on expanding their programme reach across the UK alongside developing new flagship partnerships to increase and diversify representation in new sectors and more. Alongside the CEO, she will implement the new strategy whilst overseeing the charity’s day-to-day operations. Natasha’s appointment marks a full circle, previously working for the Foundation and now returning to the organisation leading our work to strengthen and grow our partners.

Natasha Ferguson,  Chief Operating Officer said: “Driving operational excellence culturally and technologically has made this an exciting period of transformation we’ve been in over the past few months. Coming into this new role has allowed me to authentically provide strategic leadership, management and vision uncompromised to roll out the Foundation's next growth phase. I want the phenomenal diverse talent in the industry who are working towards their dreams to see in me and this milestone I have achieved in my career that nothing is impossible to those who believe. We have a way to go but we’re moving forward.”


Sarah Pinch, Chair of Trustees said: “I am delighted with Natasha’s appointment. Her expertise in providing diverse talent solutions underpins her drive for increasing representation in the workplace. Coupled with her energy for our work, and her lived experience puts her in a perfect position as Chief Operating Officer.”

Syma Cullasy-Aldridge, Interim CEO said: “Working alongside Natasha is an exciting place to be - this year is all about growth and having a bigger impact on our communities. She’s a communications specialist with over 15 years of experience so her knowledge and insight of our brilliant profession, alongside some of the challenges it faces, is essential to our success.”