Tariq Peters

PR Trainee 2018 

We caught up with Tariq Peters, who took part in the PR Training programme in 2018. We fired a few questions at him and here's what he said.

I went to De Montfort University in Leicester and studied English Literature. I graduated in January 2017. Before I officially graduated, I started working at a law firm as an office clerk. I continued working there after I graduated whilst looking for other opportunities to work in communications.

Did you always know you wanted to work in PR?
I always had an interest in communications but at the time I wasn’t too sure what PR was. Initially, I wanted to pursue a career in Marketing but once I did more research on the industry, I became more intrigued and interested in PR as a career choice.

How did you hear about the Taylor Bennett Foundation (TBF)?
My colleague at the time is also an alumnus of TBF but pursued a career in Law. He expressed how beneficial the programme was for him and highly recommended it to me to get my foot in the door.

What year did you take part in our programme? Who was it sponsored by?
I took part in the Winter Programme in January 2018. The programme was sponsored by FTI Consulting.

The Taylor Bennett Foundation PR Training programme was a life-changing programme that allowed me to develop the necessary skills to excel in PR. A highlight during my time on the TBF programme was meeting so many people within the industry and visiting PR agencies across a variety of sectors. This hands-on experience allowed me to learn what PR was all about in a short space of time as well as building my social capital meeting so many influential people.

What did you find most challenging?
Balancing weekly assessments as well as preparing for impromptu PR presentations throughout the 10 weeks was probably the most challenging part of the programme. The same aspect of balancing clients meeting deadlines and thinking on your feet are some of the PR challenges that we faced during the programme.

I took away a lot of useful skills but most importantly I found a new sense of confidence in my abilities. Finding a job after university is always daunting especially when you face rejection after rejection. However, The TBF programme taught me about perseverance and finding the best way to show your best self in front of potential employers and industry leaders.

What happened when you left the PR Training programme?
When I left the PR Training programme, I applied for the graduate scheme at Four Communications. A few weeks after the assessment day I was offered a full-time position. Four Communications was one of the agencies I visited during the TBF programme and I was determined to get the opportunity to work there.

I’m currently an Account Executive at Four Communications as part of the Four Change team. Four Change specialises in behaviour change and builds their PR campaigns around behavioural insights.

“There is no doubt that the TBF programme is a life-changing initiative that opens doors. The programme allows you to see your worth, develop vital skills and find your passion for PR. TBF strives to combat the diversity issue faced in the industry and has kick-started the careers of many exemplary PR practitioners as a result. The extensive network of TBF trainees, senior consultants and industry leaders you meet along the way just goes to show how remarkable the programme is.”

What really excites you about your role? 
When I ask people in the industry what they enjoy about PR they always say the fact that no day is the same and that’s exactly how I feel having worked at Four Communications. The clients are interesting, and it really makes the work more impactful knowing we’re making a real change to society and changing perceptions with our campaigns.